Friday, January 22, 2010

Free uCOS-II Course

uCOS-II the Real-Time Kernel

uCOS-II is a small, yet powerful real-time operating system developed by Jean J. Labrosse and described in his book "MicroC/OS-II - The Real-Time-Kernel", Second Edition, published by CMP Books. The operating system is highly CPU independent and has been ported to numerous microprocessor platforms. The source code as provided together with the book and via the web site may be freely used for non-commercial applications and educational purposes. Licenses for commercial use are available too.

About the Free Course

uCOS-II is a good starting point to learn about RTOS. The course scope is to teach students how to use uCOS-II APIs. The course is organized in 10 modules. Each module covers a certain uCOS-II topic. uCOS-II version used is V2.6. Labs for these modules are commercially available to my customers.

Feel free to post any comments, questions, ad feedback through the blog. I promise I will answer your post within 5 working days ISA.

This free course is for free use as long as the original copyright is reproduced. Feel free to spread, share, modify, or any other verb you can do with the material. Knowledge is every body's right just like air and water.


  1. hey ali,
    i was trying to implement a ucos based on lpc2148 controller. Your blogs course on the same has made my way easier....
    thnx a lot for the course


  2. hey pavan,
    thats why the course s made.
    you are most welcome.


  3. Hi Ali,

    I tried to register with Micrium lot of times but didn't get the registration. Can u pls let me know is there any other way to get UC OS.

    Thank you,

    -prasad Mrln...

  4. I can send you the complete source code for ucos-ii on windows simulation. Email me at You will have to get the compiler, I use as well. I posted its link in here. Please check the post called Running uCOS-II with Microsoft Windows Vista in 1 Hour.
    Amr Ali

  5. wonderful Blog keep it up

  6. Thanks for your comment.
    Please, feel free to contact me for any help.
    Feel free to share, spread, and use.

  7. Azhar

    hi Amr Ali
    nice work buddy

    bt i m also facing the problem to download ucos from micrium. so can u pls send me the source code for ucosII and some of task written in it. i want to do it in linux.
    pls mail me on

    thanks in advance

  8. Hello Mr. Amar Ali,
    I have completed my BE in Electronics & Communication Engg., in 2006. I have only BPO experience. i have already spoiled my career i would like to shift my career in embedded system. can you help me how to go about and how i can grow in this field?(

    Nethaji .D

  9. Hi Amar Ali,

    I want to port ucos 2 on STM32F103VE miniboard. It has no more external peripherals other than an LED. Board is isystem make and I also have a isystem's JTAG debugger. Can you please help in porting.
    How can I register for free course on ucos 2.

    Many Thanks
    Application Engineer

  10. It would be very kind of you if you publish the labs for ucos-ii for educational purposes. I am a student and I don't have opportunities to take courses from my university as they don't offer any RTOS courses.


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