Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VHDL 360, a Contribution from the SAMs

About VHDL

VHDL is a powerful language developed in the 1980's by the US department of defense, afterwards adopted by the IEEE to be a standard in 1987. Many enhancements & new features were added afterwards in the 1993, 2002 & 2008 standards...

VHDL is widely used around the word in the design & verification processes of High & Very High Scale integrated circuits design (HSI & VHSI)

About the Free Course, VHDL 360

VHDL 360 is a free course. During the course, SAMS will try to guide & teach students how to write efficient VHDL code to model digital circuits, the course outline will be as follows:

  • Introduction to VHDL
  • Writing 1st Model
  • Writing more complex Models
  • Building Hierarchy
  • Modeling FSMs & Memories
  • Code Reuse
  • Verification

The course is based on VHDL IEEE 1076 - 1993 standard. It is vendor independent. Any text editor and tools you have license for can be used. Any consultation with regards to tools setup or support will not be provided and trainees should consult their own vendor for any of the issues or problems they face with this regards.

Feel free to post any comments, questions, and feedback through the blog. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible Insha'Allah.

This VHDL course is for free use as long as the original copyright is reproduced. Feel free to spread and share. Knowledge is every body's right just like air and water.


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