Friday, February 12, 2010

Introduction to RTOS Free Course

Real-Time Operating System

A RTOS is an OS intended for real-time systems. Many of embedded systems we meet in our daily life are real-time systems. RTOS is the backbone of these systems. RTOS manages system resources; hardware and software, to achieve the correct functionality in a timely manner.

About the Free Course

RTOS is a basic component in many embedded systems. The scope of this system is to introduce RTOS basic concepts to students. The course is organized in 6 modules. It explains the basic objects the RTOS provide to build a system. It also explains the typical services which enables the system developers to manipulate the RTOS objects and system resources.

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This free course is for free use as long as the original copyright is reproduced. Feel free to spread, share, modify, or any other verb you can do with the material. Knowledge is every body's right just like air and water.


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