Monday, February 1, 2010

My Cooperation with Micro4you

About Micro4you

Micro4you studio is an established engineering design house in Thailand. Mirco4you was established in 2005. I had good connections with its CEO. We knew each other through; the famous forum for electrical and electronic engineering.

Micro4you sells cheap electronic components that proved to be useful for embedded engineers; especially these with low experience. Micro4you sells development boards, sensors, debuggers, peripheral boards …

About My Cooperation

I was talking to Somboon Sopee, Micro4you CEO about my visit to Anzma. It was a strange coincidence that Micro4you sells the same exact board Anzma uses in their embedded diploma. I did do an example based on uCOS-II on this board. As a result, Somboon asked me to send the code to Micro4you. Without any hesitation, I agreed at once. Somboon is a good friend indeed. I do not know what Somboon will do with the code, but I hope he puts it on the board page in addition to the numerous examples that are already there.

The more interesting is to see how Allah SWT arranges life. After a little chat with Somboon, I knew something that happens 1 in a billion. I was suggesting that Anzma could be a customer for Micro4you but here comes the surprise. Anzma is a current customer of Micro4you! Two of my friends; 1 in Thailand and the other in Egypt, and they do know each other. This life is like a tuna can :)

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