Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 2nd Visit to Anzma

About the Visit

My visit, this time, was more focused on uCOS-II. I challenged their students to finish a 4-hours lab based on the example, I developed earlier. The goal was to finish the lab in 4 hours and with maximum 8 questions. They were 5 students. Amazingly, the first finished his work after 2 hours only. It ran successfully from the first time. Other 3 students finished after 3 hours and half while the last finished just before the given time.

It was a great transition for the students and they gain confidence in themselves to code in a multi-task style. They proved the effectiveness and efficiency of Anzma's RTOS courses. In less than 16 hours, students were able to program a real application using uCOS-II.

Figure 1 shows me and the students after finishing the lab.

Figure 1: From the left to the right (Khaled, Ahmed, Me, Islam, Ahmed, and finally the champ Ibrahim)

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